Quick Start

You can access your Digital Identity through your desktop or smartphone.


  • go to https://talao.co with your desktop viewer,

  • Enter firstname, lastname, email and phone number for authentification purpose.

The process to create a Self Sovereign Identity will take a couple of minutes depending on the load of the Network.

This process will create for you :

  • an identity based on the uPort Ethereum method did:ethr

  • an identity based on the Tezos method did:tz

  • an identity on the Talao DNS based on did:web

In order to keep in mind your login credentials, you will receive a username.


  • Go to https://talao.co, log with your username, ask for a new passwowrd if needed and check your email or phone for the secret code.

  • Complete your profil as much as possible and request certificates to Companies or Individuals. Read more in Request a Credential


If you are having issues, please let us know. We have a mailing list located at: relay@talao.io