Use my own Ethereum Address

Managing your Professional Identity through your own Ethereum Address gives you the possibility to keep the entire ownership of your data and receive certificates while using an easy website service to acces your Identity. However the limitations are :

  • you will not be able sign certificates for others,

The process to setup your Identity takes about 15 minutes and you need to master the signature of transactions on Ethereum through your wallet.

If you want to use your own Ethereum Address to mamage your Professional Identity, follow the steps :

  • Step 1, you need to get 100 TALAO tokens and transfer them to your Ethereum Address. You can get them on IDEX If you cannot buy them there, contat us at

  • Step 2, you need to open an access to the Talao Protocol. This can be done through the TALAO token : go to Select “Write Contract” in the menu, connect with web3 through your Ethereum Address (wallet Metamask, or other) to be able to send a transaction to the contract. Look for createVaultAccess function (#11), fill the field with with value 0 and confirm the transaction. The transaction will lock 99.99 TALAO tokens from your Ethereum Address.

  • Step 3, go to and follow the process to create your Professional Identity with your own Ethereum Address.


Do not use the same Ethereum Address as the one you use to buy crypto funds. Setup a specific Ethereum Address for your Professional Identity.


JULY/AUGUST 2020 TESTS. We currently are using Rinkeby testnet. DO NOT USE ETHEREUM TOKEN but Rinkeby Token. Contact us to get your 100 TALAO tokens at

To open an access to the Talao protocol go to choose “Contract” in the menu then “Write Contract”.